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02 Feb 2022

The Special Characteristics of Real Estate Maintenance

While it shares many commonalities with industrial maintenance, a real estate CMMS is suited to the characteristics of this sector. Twipi Group explains the keys to real estate maintenance.

Physical distance between parties

One of the main challenges found in the real estate maintenance field has to do with distance between parties. Indeed, your technical teams carry out service at property holdings while your scheduling service works out of headquarters and/or company offices.

Par conséquent, la transmission des informations s’avère compliquée et la productivité s’en ressent. Recourir à un logiciel de gestion de la maintenance vous offre un outil adapté pour centraliser les différents types de données et les partager entre tous les acteurs pour s’assurer du bon déroulement des opérations.

Proactive security upgrades

Implementing a real estate CMMS offers you a preventive approach to maintenance. You won’t be waiting for a piece of equipment to malfunction before calling in a technician.

This helps you lower costs and improve satisfaction among the property’s occupants, as they won’t need to deal with inconveniences such as an out-of-order elevator.

Property value management

Implementing a Computerized Maintenance Management System for your property holdings enables you to foresee and schedule upcoming service needs accurately. Managing your facilities is of the utmost importance, as poorly maintained real estate assets quickly lose value and incur additional expenses in the medium term. 

Regulatory compliance

The maintenance needs of certain facilities on your properties leave no room for error, as strict requirements are set by law. For example, a building’s elevators must be tested and serviced every six weeks.

Using a Computerized Maintenance Management System is absolutely necessary to ensure that your data and communications are flawless. The CMMS helps with this in multiple ways:

  • Service scheduling to manage staff, locations, and maintenance gear
  • Establishment of specific service call procedures
  • Preservation of service call data for follow-up and proof of task completion

Traceability of maintenance tasks

One issue in real estate maintenance is your ability to ensure that the required services have been carried out satisfactorily. Implementing a CMMS solution allows you to access a complete construction and maintenance history, specifically including:

  • Technicians’ names
  • Dates and purposes of service calls
  • Repaired or replaced parts or components

In addition, you can use CMMS-generated reports and analyze the maintenance indicators to check on the quality of tasks performed by outside service providers and subcontractors.

Furthermore, choosing a CMMS application means that technicians have access to a mobile app during their service calls. This lets you monitor the progress of maintenance operations in real time and receive immediate notification of any malfunction or delay.  

Twipi Group is here to help you implement your real estate CMMS tool. Request a free demo today and see for yourself how effective our solutions are.

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