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At Twipi Group, a French software publisher, we bring together the entire construction and maintenance ecosystem under one roof and support our clients in their digital transformation. To that end, we offer simple, expert, innovative, interoperable solutions. Our objective: to boost performance and productivity for clients of all sizes.

CMMS software: Simplify your maintenance management with TWIPI

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Service providers, digitize your construction and maintenance business. Gain mobility and performance.

  • Property database (clients, sites, facilities, contacts)
  • Management of preventive and corrective service calls
  • Native technician mobility
  • Maintenance contract and purchase order management
  • Service call planning
  • Management of Quote / Job / Order / Invoicing flows
  • Energy management
  • Expert client reports / Annual activity reports
  • Customer and subcontractor portal
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Owners/managers, manage your assets and bring all the stakeholders together on one platform.

  • Asset and equipment management
  • Service provider management
  • Management of various occupant requests
  • Monitoring and management of incidents at properties
  • Monitoring of service calls and regulatory controls
  • Notifications and communications among occupants, managers, and service providers
  • Building maintenance log
  • Activity reports (minutes, statistics, performance measurement, etc.)
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Occupants, communicate with your property owners/managers via the mobile app

  • Simple and intuitive mobile app
  • Incident reporting and special request tool
  • Option to add photos
  • Monitor the processing of incidents and requests
  • Dialog box for all stakeholders
  • Service call reports
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Property managers, speed up and facilitate your condominium general meetings with electronic voting

  • Tablet app accessible to all
  • Provision of touch-screen tablets
  • Faster, automated participant sign-in
  • A secure, reliable voting process
  • Results available instantly
  • Confidentiality
  • Minutes of the General Meeting produced at the end of the session
  • Absentee voting management
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Your successes are ours too!

Consulting / Expert assessments

The number one key to your project’s success is good preparation. The first step is appointing a contact person in your organization…

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Data security

All measures are taken to ensure the security of your data. They are stored in independent databases within the European Union…

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Coaching / Training

Our software is intuitive for new users. However, to get the most benefit from our solutions’ advanced features, training is needed to ensure success…

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Implementation of your solution

Once your needs have been evaluated, we set up your solution. We collect your data files and implement them in your new application…

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Mobile work = precise work


"We have found the Twimm CMMS to be an indispensable tool in transforming our maintenance processes. All our employees now work through the same tool, which helps break down the barriers between departments and highlight the value of field work."

Jean-Philippe THOMAS
Sales Manager
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Manage your real estate property assets

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Incident detected:
incident reported and handled

"With Tootwi, I can easily report an incident with just a few clicks. I can add photos and comments and track its resolution."

Mme C.
Resident in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France
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smooth, secure GMs.


"Votim saves us valuable time, eliminating the interruptions needed for vote counting, tabulation, and the announcement of results during sessions. Instead, the results are projected in real time as soon as voting ends. Moreover, Votim greatly reduces the risk of error and ensures transparency in the general meeting voting process."

Gisèle Nagera
Apartment Complex Management Assistant
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