Twipi Group, a socially engaged company

Twipi Group is a french software company, leader in its market, offering an ecosystem with services and data exchanges that meets the needs of all the professionals of building maintenance.

With 5 people at the beginning of its adventure back in 2009, Twipi Group now has around 60 employees and more than 350 clients in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg and Africa.

+ 300 000
4 million
housing units equipped
30 000
daily users
14 million square meters
of managed properties
12 million
visits and calls per year
350 clients

Our teams

Business Division

In our company, the marketing/communications and business development teams work hand in hand. What could be more logical? They share the same goal: to find new growth levers for the company and expand our client community.

Technical Division

In this division, the development teams interpret customer needs in order to code them better. The method, CTO, lead dev and dev managers use the road map to organize, analyze, and anticipate issues so they can efficiently handle the challenges presented to them.

Product Division

The product division keeps a close eye on the market, monitoring ever-changing customer needs in terms of business expertise, user experience (UX), and user interface design (UI). We use these observations to define the medium-term development plan, from which an annual roadmap is produced. The product manager, the product owners, and the designers are responsible for designing a variety of projects, consulting with the technical department on the feasibility and performance aspects.

Customer Relations Division

This division, which serves as the link between the company and its clients, is made up of our Customer Success Managers, whose mission is to roll out projects and configure and adapt our solutions as needed. They are assisted by the technical support team to ensure the best possible responsiveness. The Customer Relations Division works in close collaboration with the Product Division, sharing client needs to help us develop our solutions.

We are always looking to strengthen our teams in order to continue growing our company and developing our web and mobile platforms.
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A little history


It all started with the 2009 acquisition of Conselium, which offers electronic voting solutions for condominium general meetings.

(This activity has been maintained and developed, and is now marketed under the name Votim.)


In 2010—just as the first smartphones appeared on the market—a handful of maintenance companies came up with a mobile web CMMS that facilitates their field technicians’ document management. Easier said than done!

The first step was creating the link—essential not only in simplifying and optimizing the management of these field teams’ work, but also

in meeting clients’ growing need for traceability, transparency, and compliance with contractual commitments. Smartphone mobility was born.

But faced with concerns about profitability and organization, the consortium that created the platform decided to grant product exclusivity to the Twimm team (a team of just five people at the time) in order to optimize sales potential.


The commercial launch of the twimm CMMS followed in 2011. Professionals in the relevant fields—the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and elevator trades—immediately recognized its value because twimm was developed on the basis of their experience and the practice of their trades.


In 2012, many clients expressed the desire for a platform to facilitate exchanges among occupants, managers, and service providers in the operation of real estate assets. Thus was born, renamed Intwi in 2020.


In 2015, the “world” environment was created for the Twimm platform, enabling users to manage multiple companies with different lines of business within a single environment.


Since then, Twipi Group’s business solutions have been constantly evolving. They integrate more than 1,000 fully customizable features and are used by more than 350 clients, of which 60% are maintenance providers and 40% are property owners/managers.

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