Technical Management Software for Real Estate

Manage all your sites with ease
for better communication and improved results

Intwi provides support in maintaining your properties and monitoring your contracts.

Intwi is the dedicated software platform for property managers and owners. It streamlines communication with service providers and occupants and optimizes site operations.

Manage all reported incidents at your properties and monitor service providers’ responses.
Store all documents pertaining to administrative management and regulatory controls and keep equipment and facility technical databases up to date.
Manage invoice and order workflows.


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  • Social landlords
  • Shopping mall
  • Local authorities
  • Health institution
  • Fitness Centers
  • Industries
  • Property Managers
  • Syndicates of co-ownership
  • Universities

Intwi in numbers

+300 000
sites managed
0 paper
+30 %
+20 %
responsiveness in incident management
100 %
traceability of maintenance tasks
connected service providers

Full digitization of properties and facilities

With Intwi software, your properties are loaded onto the platform, with all the specificities of your locations taken into account.

The solution creates spec sheets for your facilities, with detailed, customizable nomenclature. Your service providers can locate sites on a map and view the facilities on a BIM model.

Management and processing of reported incidents

With Intwi software, all reported incidents are sent to the administrator and the appropriate service providers. The administrator maintains oversight of all actions and service requests.

Service provider connection and interfacing with the administrator platform

Intwi is the core of Twipi Group’s software ecosystem. As a property owner/manager, you can connect all of your properties to your service providers and occupants/residents, optimizing communications and ensuring ideal traceability.

and much more...

  • Optional interface between Intwi and the Tootwi mobile app to update occupants in real time about the handling and completion of tasks by service providers
  • Incident reporting on the platform
  • Monitoring of service providers' performance
  • Compliance with service providers' contractual obligations
  • Option to elevate all occupant requests
Join the many companies that have adopted Intwi for everyday use

"We chose Intwi to manage the maintenance of our facilities. The dynamic maintenance plan, with its real-time monitoring display, makes our everyday supervision tasks easier. The approval systems for supplier estimates and site budget management make our work quicker and less burdensome. Finally, the activity reports module helps us generate graphic summaries of our suppliers' performance and activity, as well as our energy consumption."

Head of Asset Management

"With Intwi, I can now manage communications with residents and start putting my maintenance teams and technical service providers in touch with each other, all through just one app. I've been involved in updating the module for room, equipment, taxi, and service vehicle reservations."

Department Head, Infrastructure and Logistics
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