Visuel The Top 4 Benefits of a CMMS
02 Feb 2022

The Top 4 Benefits of a CMMS

CMMS Benefit #1: Ending the constant cycle of troubleshooting

What can a CMMS do for you? Picture this: You get to your office in the morning. At first, everything is fine. But then the facilities and equipment for which you are responsible suffer multiple breakdowns all at the same time. You summon your troops, hurriedly reassign tasks to your technicians, and drop planned or ongoing preventive measures to handle the emergencies. The phone keeps ringing, with concerned and dissatisfied clients, residents, managers, or users on the other end. The situation is far from ideal, and it’s stressful for everyone.

To keep this scenario from playing out repeatedly, you need to get out of the reactive maintenance paradigm and focus instead on prioritizing and keeping up with ongoing maintenance tasks for the hundreds or thousands of facilities under your responsibility. Implementing a CMMS tool is an indispensable step in this major shift because it facilitates your management of the wealth of data you need to consider.

CMMS Benefit #2: Boosting your field teams’ performance

Your technicians spend a lot of time picking up, filling out, and filing their job tickets on paper, as well as writing reports and accessing facility maintenance log, user manuals, blueprints, etc. The information they need is scattered about, which seriously slows down their progress.

The information they need is scattered about, which seriously slows down their progress.

Jean-Michel Adibert

A next-generation CMMS solution stores all this digitized information in a centralized database within a dedicated cloud, making it available to everyone who needs it, whether they’re sitting at their computer or out in the field, using a mobile app on their smartphone. Twimm can even restore data for the technician when no network coverage is available—smoothly, simply, and with complete transparency. This saves time that will be used instead for facility maintenance or repair. In fact, companies that use Twimm see productivity gains of more than 40%!

CMMS Benefit #3: Legal and regulatory compliance

Both regulations and the maintenance market are increasingly strict and demanding when it comes to adhering to standards, establishment and tracking of regulatory controls, safety, and stakeholder empowerment.
Meeting these new demands with paper or spreadsheets is becoming costly and complicated. A CMMS acts as a reference document containing technical information about the asset base, tasks to be performed periodically, and the use of human resources. It is a decisive factor in assuring the company and its manager that all procedures are being carried out in accordance with the latest legal requirements.

The CMMS directly handles notification of inspection, audit, and maintenance visit dates (every six weeks for elevators in France, for example); verification that tasks are completed by individuals with the appropriate clearances; establishment and sharing of schedules; and the automated production and circulation of inspection and task completion reports. The CMMS is your company’s safety and standards compliance nerve center.

CMMS Benefit #4: Empowering technical specialists

Empowerment and autonomy are key factors in keeping field maintenance teams motivated and working to their full potential. A CMMS leverages extensive sharing of information and processes to help achieve this objective. By providing a large quantity of data points to the technician (electronic service log, blueprints, drawings, photos, tree diagrams, documentation, and specific lists of operations) right at the service location, along with various diagnostic tools, Twimm facilitates and speeds up the technician’s work, including the decision-making process when a piece of equipment requires repair or maintenance. Twimm offers you the perfect cocktail of tools to empower your field technicians, improving their motivation and sense of autonomy.

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