Visuel Motivation for All
02 Feb 2022

Motivation for All

What Drives Motivation

The only person you can change is yourself! Experience shows that it’s impossible to motivate someone against their will. Still, managers can optimize conditions for their technicians, thus fostering motivation.
Among the most commonly mentioned elements are salary, scope of responsibility, working conditions, status, power, and fear of management.

Many workers appreciate recognition and will have greater respect for a manager who places trust in them. At the same time, however, trust shouldn’t be absolute; maintenance managers are still responsible for their technicians’ work. It is the manager’s job to ensure that maintenance procedures are followed as agreed and to avoid setting the team up for failure.

Motivation Management

Unfortunately, the ingredients of true leadership (empowerment, decision-making authority, etc.) are lacking in most companies these days. The human side of maintenance management is straightforward: ensuring that technicians comply with established instructions and recommendations.

By providing a variety of diagnostic aids and making it easy to share information and processes, Twimm facilitates and speeds up technicians’ tasks and decision-making when working with everything from broken equipment to routine maintenance. Add to that the pride workers feel in using next-generation technology, and you’ll see that Twimm offers companies the perfect blend of tools to improve field workers’ motivation and job satisfaction.

Twimm: The Solution for Team Motivation

Managers are plentiful, but very few are genuine leaders who can create an atmosphere and organization that fosters a sense of fulfillment in their maintenance workers. The key to that kind of leadership is to orient, guide, and support each employee toward self-improvement and giving their all.
Twimm offers exactly that, by constantly reinventing the CMMS, applying the substantial experience and work of its developers and consultants over the years, and implementing feedback from its thousands of users. All you need to do is activate it.

At Twimm, giving managers the best tools to motivate their teams is at the heart of what we do!

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