02 Feb 2022

Twipi Group Travels Around the World with Skipper Fabrice Amédéo for the Vendée Globe 2020

Because sailing conveys admirable values such as holding high standards and pushing one’s limits, coupled with innovation, performance, and humility, we are supporting Fabrice Amedeo in his upcoming Vendée Globe. This athletic adventure is all the more meaningful because it is doubling as a scientific experiment. Throughout the race, microplastic sensors will send valuable data on the state of our oceans to the scientific community.
To date, the Vendée Globe is the greatest sailing race round the world, solo, non-stop and without assistance.
Over the previous eight editions of this event, known to the public as the Everest of the seas, 167 competitors started this extraordinary race. Only 89 of them managed to cross the finish line, which demonstrates the extreme difficulty of this global event.

44,996.2 kilometers or 24,296 miles: that is the Earth’s circumference and the standard distance around the globe. During the last Vendée Globe, the round-the-world trip was completed in 74 days and 3 hours. The trek is, first and foremost, a journey through multiple climates, as skippers travel south through the Atlantic, cross the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and then return north up the Atlantic. The plan is to depart from Sables d’Olonne in mid-autumn, travel through the South Seas during austral summer, and return to Vendée in the winter.

Will you join us?